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Grimm Grimm - Cliffhanger

by Rob Taylor Rating:7 Release Date:2018-06-22
Grimm Grimm - Cliffhanger
Grimm Grimm - Cliffhanger

Grimm Grimm is Tokyo born musician, Koichi Yamanoha. The wistful baroque folk on Cliffhanger has a comic eerieness, mostly courtesy of samples taken of Theremin player, Clara Rockmore. In tone and in execution the music might remind you of the gothic leanings of The Handsome Family, the urchin weirdness of Mercury Rev, or the blissed-out whisperings of a tempered Wayne Coyne and his Flaming Lips. Maybe even the dreaminess of The Innocence Mission. Yamanoha’s compositions seem reflective, nonchalant, carefree, as if born of spontaneous output, but the pieces are melded together too well to be so conceived. The metronomic heartbeat of ‘Afraid’ is stifled by a meandering psychedelic narrative and funereal keyboard, the counterbalance importing a kind of fretful mood into what is essentially psych-pop. Its a beautiful melange of disparate elements which caresses and reassures the listener, rather than alienating them.

Elsewhere, Yamanoha is reflective and keeps the music free from complication. For instance, on ‘Final World War’ the simple acoustic contemplation is buffered only by the theremin sample and keyboard melancholia. The straight out pop confection of ‘Si’ sung by Charlotte Courbe is soft at its centre and really sweet, and Yamanoha perhaps realising this limits the track to below two minutes, the perfect dessert size.

The centrepiece in my view is ‘Take Me Down To Coney Island’. Awash with nostalgic imagery, the whirlpool of organ resonates long in the ears as the mind wanders into endless sojourn.  

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