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Thee Oh Sees - Warm Slime

When you finally sit down to listen to your new copy of 'Warm Slime' by Thee Oh Sees, you begin to feel like you have fallen through a timewarp. To say they have been influenced by the 60s sounds of The Kinks and Jefferson Airplane would be an understatement - they are the 60s! I began to recall old stock-footage of Woodstock, hippy parades and acid flashbacks just listening to it.

The title track 'Warm Smile', despite it's marathon length of 13 minutes plus, is a fantastic rollercoaster of a song. Taking you from the savage Iggy & The Stooges style guitar riff to the bouncing sound most would have recalled from any number of Raconteurs songs. But the album doesn't slow down after that. Every song has something to love about it. 'Castiatic Tackle' is a song dancing shoes were made for while the chorus in 'I Was Denied' is so catchy, I don't think it will be leaving my head until tomorrow morning.

Its main flaw, unfortunately, is its production. I understand that they have deliberately created this very stripped-back sound to give it a more raw and retro feel but it has hindered some parts of the album. Some instruments are hidden behind others and most of the lyrics are lost in the mess. But that doesn't destroy the fact that they clearly have some fantastic songs and I look forward to their next live show to see what they can really do.

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Thee Oh Sees - Warm Slime - Albums - Reviews - Soundblab
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