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John Henrys - White Linen

by Paul Downey Rating:9 Release Date:2010-06-07

The third album from Canadian group The John Henrys is a delightful journey into the alternative rock world. Think of this 11 track opus as a beginners guide into real alternative music with some simple yet excellent lyrics and irresistable jams.

One of the standout tracks is opener 'Little One' which is so uplifting and breezy, it is impossible to resist its charms.

There is more here though than standard rock music; there is depth too, none more typified by the sombre tones of 'Cold Chill'. Lead vocalist Rey Sabatin pleads to his former love "I felt a cold chill up and down my spine", over organs and harmonicas.

Title track 'White Linen' is another gem, while slightly altering their sound to a more country base the Henrys manage to pull it off with a dignified swagger.

'Hit the floor' is Neil Young all over, with its simplistic tone making it even more appealing although it is maybe a little short.

'Empty Pockets' is an excellent Americana tribute, with themes of escaping town with a lady which could easily have been heard on a radio in 1975.

Closer 'Patriot Song' decides to bring the Henrys sound more of a Dylan vibe, telling the story of a battle from 1838 between American revolutionaries and the British regiment. Its seems a little out of place with what has come before, but brings the record to a snappy end at just over two and a half minutes.

Overall, the album is a supreme success with its universal themes of love, loss, departure and even civil war. It is an excellent showcase of a band who have honed their sound to near perfection, but still leaving space for experimentation.

Erm, recommended!

Paul Downey.

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