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Protomartyr - Consolation EP

by Chris Milburn Rating:7 Release Date:2018-06-15
Protomartyr - Consolation EP
Protomartyr - Consolation EP

Protomartyr, the Post-punk band from Detroit release a four-track EP with Kelley deal of The Breeders on two tracks and Kelley's bandmate from R.Ring, Mike Montgomery, behind the desk. The four tracks on the EP we're recorded shortly after last year's ’Relatives in Descent’ at Mike Montgomery's studio, Candyland and have a dark ominous feel, which will be of no surprise to fans.

The first track ’Wait’ starts with feedback leading into heavy thudding bass and drums, Joe sings ’see a pair of fellers rolling down a hill, punching the life out of each other’ with menace, opening words that set the tone for the rest off the EP. On ’Wheel of Fortune’ Joe and Kelley sing ’I decide who lives and who dies’ a song about how life can be decided on the role of a dice, the whim of a rich man.

The four songs ebb and flow nicely, hard-hitting, pummeling at times as well as more subtle sections. As with most Protomartyr material it takes a few plays, with the seaming noise turning into something more.

This may not be much of a departure from ’Relatives in Descent ’ but has enough going for it to merit further listening. Kelley has voiced her interest in working with Protomartyr again but this time with her own project, which should be very interesting.

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