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wounded lion - Wounded Lion

by Louise Harlow Rating:4 Release Date:2010-04-26

I'm worried this one's going to come out all long and whiney, so I'm going to keep it brief and bewildered. Wounded Lion. Honestly? I have no idea. Maybe this eponymous debut is the perfectly realised product of months of considered writing and recording, and Wounded Lion are currently all puffed with paternal pride. Hope not. At 12 tracks it's a little too long for SNAFU territory, but my spoilt brain clings to the hope that this is all just a terrible mistake.

Reading the press release, I am buttered up with the promise of a "great no-frills pop band", (there're five words you never want to hear in the same breath) and no-frills is what I get. On album opener 'Hungry?' Velve Underground-lite guitars are bastardised by a clumsy, flat vocal delivery and bang-the-nail-in drumming. Things continue on the wrong side of crummy for 'Creatures in the Cave', where a poor sound mix gives the impression of a vocal that was delivered into a dustbin.

As the album played on the search for a diamond in the dirt continued. Nada. Metronomic drumming, identikit guitars and a lyrical black hole repeatedly kick a Lion while he's down. I was promised a "belch of raw distortion" to stoke "the primal areas of the brain"; I expected the crowd-baiting, filth spitting contempt of Iggy and the Stooges, the carnage-inciting call to arms of McLusky......anything but this really. I was robbed.

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