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Richard Edwards - Verdugo

by Ljubinko Zivkovic Rating:8 Release Date:2018-06-01
Richard Edwards - Verdugo
Richard Edwards - Verdugo

If you are not really following the indie rock scene you would really have to dig deep to find any information on Richard Edwards, even of his new release Verdugo. If you are really following the indie rock scene, you are confronted with absolutely the same situation.

Frankly, it is worth digging because Verdugo is a very refined, modern take on the California singer/songwriter scene of much of the Seventies, anywhere on the line between Fleetwood Mac and Jackson Browne. You might say it is not a very long line, but it was certainly a very productive one and Edwards picks up all the right noises and makes a great effort of making them his own.

If you’re still wondering where Richard Edwards is coming from this much can be gathered from his record label and his site, aptly named “When Love Gives You Lemons” - Edwards was a member of Margot and the Nuclear So & So's, a name that would ring a bell among those following the indie music scene before he ventured out by himself, coming out with a break-up album Lemon Cotton Candy Sunset and its acoustic version Pity Party.

While that duo was a trials and tribulations affair, Verdugo is a much more “in spite of it all” affair, more reflected in the lyrical content than in the predominantly ‘soft rock’ music, although the uptempo material like the neatly arranged “Howlin’ Heart” is just as good as anything of the more gentle nature, like the excellent “Olive Oyl”, that follows it. Edwards’ obviously not only feels but understands this musical line really well, whether he comes up with a more intricately arranged son like the “Minefield” or whether it is just him and his acoustic guitar, like on “Something Wicked”. It all simply clicks.

As Edwards puts it, Verdugo is “named for another place that gives me a very different kind of hope. There's still some divorce in the air on this one. But something else is creeping in now. Maybe it's glimpses of the Los Angeles lost weekend that saved my skin."

There have been quite a few albums recently by current acts which mine the same Seventies California vein, but Edwards has got his musical finger exactly on the precise spot where its pulse is and comes up with something that will go really well with a bottle of Napa Valley wine.

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