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Boy Azooga - 1 2, Kung Fu!

by Ljubinko Zivkovic Rating:8 Release Date:2018-06-08
Boy Azooga - 1 2, Kung Fu!
Boy Azooga - 1 2, Kung Fu!

“Breakfast Epiphany” is the opening song on Boy Azooga’s debut album 1 2, Kung Fu!. Judging it all quickly, you can easily come to the conclusion that Cardiff’s Davey Newington, basically Boy Azooga, had that breakfast epiphany when as a boy he had been drinking milk with some strange additives in it. From the band name (these days it is a band, after all), to the album title, to the music itself.

Starting from the band name, as Newington puts it, he picked up a line from the 1994 movie Little Rascals which went, Azooga, Azooga! He wanted to add Bo in front, naming Bo Diddley one of his musical heroes (to be heard somewhere in the rhythms of “Faces Behind Cigarettes”), but according to him, his girlfriend thought it didn’t sound right, so it became a boy instead.

But it is certainly fitting since there is quite a lot of that ‘little rascal’ in everything Newington touches as far as the music goes. When he says he’s inspired, along with Diddley, by William Onyeabor (“Breakfast Epiphany”), Black Sabbath (“Loner Boogie”), The Beach Boys (“Walking Thompson’s Park”) or Ty Segall (“Jerry”, although there you can add XTC’s Andy Partridge), he’s not kidding. You can go through the rest of the eleven tunes here and pick about a dozen others. Easily.

Still, that ‘easily’ is not a disjointed collage of Newington’s record collection but a set of fully functioning and very listenable songs. In a way, a bit akin to his Cardiff buddies Super Furry Animals. It is all done with a feel and an excellent touch (try the delicate arrangement of “Breakfast Epiphany II”), as if Newington not only knows his record collection well but is able to piece parts of it up in a different order that still sounds completely logical (“Taxi To Your Head”).

If The Lemon Twigs don’t know where to go to from what they have done so far, they might try and get a few clues from Boy Azooga. And the album title… I’ve no idea, you’ll have to ask Newington.

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