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CHVRCHES - Love Is Dead

by Emma Moody Rating:6 Release Date:2018-05-25
CHVRCHES - Love Is Dead
CHVRCHES - Love Is Dead

Glasgow based synth-pop trio, CHVRCHES’ Love Is Dead album was released today. The band is made up of lead singer Lauren Mayberry, and vocalists and keyboardists Iain Cook and Martin Doherty. Important side note on Mayberry, she holds both a law degree and a Masters in Journalism, something I think is impressive and worth mentioning. I have to be honest though, I can’t say I’ve listened to anything CHVRCHES has put out since ‘Mother We Share’, which I loved by the way. That being said, I went into the album with expectations rooted in good synthy music that was unique and set apart from the crowd. 

I was sorely disappointed. Well, maybe disappointed is a little strong. This album, however, did not do much for me. Of the thirteen songs, I enjoyed half and would listen to maybe three or four again. It simply lacks consistency.

The production value of the album is clearly on a professional level and the band members themselves are extremely talented. The sounds are balanced, crisp, and clear. The content, however, does not reach the same standard. I feel as if all that talent has been narrow casted and targeted specifically towards creating synth-heavy songs during which Mayberry sings the same five words over and over and over again. Love Is Dead is a very middle of the pack album made up of songs that are easy to listen to, but not ones that I would want to listen to multiple times.

The album opens with ‘Graffiti’, which I quite enjoyed. It painted a fun picture of youth and seizing the day. It reminded me of stories of one of my mom’s trips to Nashville with some of her friends where they apparently let loose enough to allow my mom to take a Sharpie to a bathroom stall. I think this song would have perfectly complemented that moment and, had it been released, should have been playing over the bathroom speakers of whatever club they were in.

‘Get Out’, the second song on the album is definitely one that pleases the masses. It’s been climbing the charts for quite some time now. Like most of their music, it is synth forward and drum heavy. The song explodes at the chorus and is held together by Mayberry’s unique voice. 

My favorites on the album, however, are ‘Miracle’ and ‘Really Gone’, which sit on opposite sides of the CHVRCHES’ spectrum. ‘Miracle’ sounds like it should be included in the soundtrack of an action movie. Specifically, a scene where the main character saves the world and the man she loves, because of #girlpower. ‘Really Gone’, on the other hand, is a stripped down showcase of Mayberry’s voice and is a well-deserved break from all of the artificial synth sounds.  But unfortunately, aside from the handful of songs that have single potential, the balance is just not of much interest.  

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