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Wand - Perfume EP

by Chris Milburn Rating:7 Release Date:2018-05-25
Wand - Perfume EP
Wand - Perfume EP

Wand drop a new EP titled 'Perfume'. With 7 tracks, and nearly half an hour, it's longer than some LPs. It kicks off with 'Perfume' 7½ minutes of heavy guitar driven psych that wasn’t present on their last album 'Plum', so possibly showing a return to their earlier sound? 

'Town Meeting' follows in a similar vein with the band heard laughing at the end, sounds like they are having a good time, and why not? Things are going well with last year's critically acclaimed album 'Plum' under there belt, a 26 date tour of the states and now this EP, they have the right to be.
Things slow down nicely for 'The Gift”, a song reminiscent of “Thee Oh Sees” a track that psychs out lovely towards the end with some great guitar work, maybe from the new guitarist Robbie Cody. 'Pure Performance' starts with a fantastic plucked guitar riff and vocals with a catchy chorus.

The EP finishes off with 'I Will Keep You Up', a great combination of Sofia Arreguin and Cory Hanson on vocals, I feel we will be hearing a lot more of this in the future with Wand leaning more to the classic rock side of things.

Wand is a band in transition, with the first half of the EP reflecting earlier material whereas the second half shows the band trying something different with the addition of Sofia Arreguin and Robbie Cody. I feel the band could break out into the wider market, and along with 'Plum', this could help them do it, looking forward to seeing what they do next.

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Wand - Perfume EP - Albums - Reviews - Soundblab
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