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Goat - Let It Burn

by Rob Taylor Rating:10 Release Date:2018-05-25
Goat - Let It Burn
Goat - Let It Burn

Goat are unmistakably one of the most original bands of the last decade. There’s a heritage of homeland psychedelic music, that's for certain, but with a rococo extroversion which never comes close to ordinary, even though many of their songs extend well beyond radio length. A new breed of dance music that is both entrancing and thrilling. If you’ve ever seen them live, there is a breathtaking energy in their ensemble. One organic whole, the sum of all their parts, Goat’s trance music simply sizzles with life.

Let It Burn is probably their strongest single track yet. Tribal drumming tumbles inexorably into  a fuzzy guitar rave-up with oddball references to secular folk, and a guitar solo straight out of Funkadelic’s songbook. The percussion alone on this track is phenomenal. The singers once again manage to shout their vocals slightly out of key, and yet sound so goddamn righteous. The talent in this group is downright rude.

Flipside, Friday Pt 1 is a slighter effort. A mini-spiritual. Goat does cocktail jazz. Why not?

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