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LICE - It All Worked out Great Vol. 1 & 2

by Jack Kiser Rating:7 Release Date:2018-05-18
LICE - It All Worked out Great Vol. 1 & 2
LICE - It All Worked out Great Vol. 1 & 2

How appropriate that thrashing success story, IDLES, signed a just as vigorous act on their fresh new label this year. Also stylized in all caps without a concrete meaning why, the compatibility between both acts on this label roster seems too close to destiny. Bristol’s LICE, only add more chaotic flavor to the rustling scene far west of London. It seems pandemonium is engrained in the geography of Bristol, but each band’s signature flare differentiates in multiple flights.

Bands like LICE are easily traced back to some of their predecessors. Seemingly traceable to the rambunctious nature of the Fall and Magazine, their rooted flavor in post-punk psychobilly. Even minimal sparks of the Gun Club and the Cramps are all seemingly present throughout the debut EP(s). Their basement demos nUTMILK have a few of these tracks from the Vol. 1 EP. Duly noted that it contains quite the interesting one armed cowboy from the Human Parasite single cover art. As stated previously, many of these songs can be previously seen through past releases, however, these tracks are now fully mastered and properly finished with special help from Balley Records.

As far as the compositions are concerned, each track on Vol. 1 seems more boisterous than the last. This first installment is only 10 minutes, but it is unrelenting and raucous. ”Stammering bill” is chalk full of vengeful tri-tones and turbulent shrieks from Alastair Shuttleworth. The front man frequently channels an acid drenched cowpoke riding off into the sunset for more revelry and self-destruction. “Ted’s Dead” is also an interesting track with its James Chance no-wave addition of the trumpet and jerking twist mobility. The second installment of this EP also has previously released tracks like “Little John Waynes” and “Gentlemen’s Magazine” that both respectively represent equal amounts of Fat White Family and telecaster surfer rock. There is a reason why LICE are getting notable publicity. Their star-studded tour with IDLES through the UK doesn’t contain a single show with available tickets or chance to breathe. Incredible strides with equal monstrous footprints show a path to undeniable destruction and success from the rapscallions of Bristol.

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