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Vexxed - Thank You Sooo Much

by Joseph Majsterski Rating:8 Release Date:2018-05-04
Vexxed - Thank You Sooo Much
Vexxed - Thank You Sooo Much

Vexxed is a new band, named after a tongue-in-cheek affection for Affliction shirts and the TV show Ghost Adventures, but two of its members, Zach Sewall and Max Steen, are old friends. Along with relative newcomer Lucy Stone, the trio sound very comfortable with each other on their debut EP, Thank You Sooo Much. The super short set, clocking in at just under twenty minutes, is like a very doped-up Washed Out, chillwave through an opium haze, and the whole thing feels like a hookah bar inside a soft, snuggly cloud.

Opener 'Mood Ring' epitomizes this heavy and droopy yet lighthearted approach, with a stumblingly stoned keyboard line and punch-drunk percussion. Stone croons with real charm in the verses too. It's hard to explain, but it doesn't feel like the first track. It feels like you're already deeply embedded in the band's world after just a few moments, like you've been listening to them for years. I suppose it's just captivating stuff, not at all like the tentative first steps of a new group, but the mature output of seasoned veterans. There's a confidence, a willingness to just embrace what they want to do and not try to fit into any expectations or do more than they need to. It's refreshing in its own idiosyncratic way.

'Heavens Away Team' goes more in that direction, slow and plodding, but hypnotic rather than dull, with a surprisingly sweet core. 'Prince of Darkness' lays the bass on thick, but the lo-fi drumming adds a nice bit of gritty garage texture, while the guitar is clean and sweet. Sewall and Stone harmonize delightfully here, as they do on many of the tracks. 'Yr the Only One' is another quiet track, going even more minimalist as it progresses, and Stone's singing here reminds me of Bouquet's Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs, dreamy and velvety. And Sewall does some quality crooning of his own towards the end. 'Gimme the Money' stays in the same general area as the rest of the set, but gets a bit funkier and heavier on the 80s synth pop, feeling like an outtake from M83's last album Junk. It's a solid closer that shows they have range within the little niche they've carved out.

And that's it. My only major complain with this great little release is that it's so brief. I'm eager to hear what Vexxed does next.

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