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Boys - Rest In Peace

by Jeff Penczak Rating:7 Release Date:2018-05-11
Boys - Rest In Peace
Boys - Rest In Peace

If Chris Owens and Chet White can call their project Girls, turnabout fair play means Swedish singer Nora Karlsson can t/a Boys. The 22-year old’s debut is honest, intimate, and a refreshing slice of synth pop, thankfully devoid of snarky slackerisms and millennial mush. Lushly orchestrated and full of bubbly dance beats, tracks like the effervescent ‘It Is Silly’ arrest the listener’s attention for the long haul, with ‘Hemtjänsten’ [aka ‘Home Care’, but sung in English] delivering an elaborate arrangement of eerie, distorted electronica.

‘Rabbits’ is more fluffy earcandy, with soothing vocals that will attract fans of Sarah Cracknell, Tracy Cattell, and Tracyanne Campbell. As attractive as these sugary confections are, though, Karlsson has a tendency to let them linger too long – there’s no reason for these latter tracks to stick around for six minutes.

Fans of the Elefant stable of female-fronted acts (e.g., The Yearning, The School) will be right at home with the intimate vocal cuddles of the ironic ‘Love Isn’t On My Mind’ and ‘That Weekend’, a nostalgic look back at a painful lost relationship, with a soupcon of Morriseyesque gloomy, doomy lyrics.

Once she figures out a way to replace the filler in her songs with interesting content, she’ll attract a wider audience. But this is a good start from a promising young talent.

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Boys - Rest In Peace - Albums - Reviews - Soundblab
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