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We Are Scientists - Megaplex

by Nathan Fidler Rating:7 Release Date:2018-04-27
We Are Scientists - Megaplex
We Are Scientists - Megaplex

Seven albums in and Keith Murray and Chris Cain - better known as We Are Scientists - are still pumping out the indie-guitar fuelled bangers. Tried and trusted in their formula, Megaplex continues their slow adoption of disco aesthetics.

You might have thought that, based on the album artwork and the opening single ‘One in, One Out’, the boys were taking a larger step in their musical development. But depending on how you feel about their mixture of British indie guitars and American yacht rock, this album might fill you with joy or leave you rolling your eyes; you can simply expect more of the same.

‘Heart Is A Weapon’ deploys a melodic charm which you’ll find irresistible in the shower, car or on the dancefloor. With shots of 80s synth and a sprinkling of guitars to fill things out, it’s easily the best track on the album. Never ones to adopt a new style completely, ‘Your Light Has Changed’ takes you all the way back to their sophomore album With Love and Squalor, featuring crunching guitars - hitting and reversing like a classic noughties band - as well as reverb picked sections.

As has been the case with their last few albums, they’ve been sticking to what they know. Murray’s sweet melodies grab you immediately, his American accent being the one thing which added style and set them apart back in 2006. That year saw Arctic Monkeys deliver their debut, and they’ve subsequently gone through many phases and sounds, with more to come this year, but We Are Scientists just aren’t that kind of band, in many ways they’re taking the AC/DC route; producing new music regularly to ensure the touring continues. It’s no bad thing either, since we all know what happened to the other indie bands who tried and failed to mix their sound up.

The album features the odd misfiring track, something we’ve come to expect, with ‘KIT’ a prime example. The lyrical runs don’t quite feel slick enough and the bloated bass makes it feel like you’re having your head held underwater. ‘You Failed’ also embraces a myriad of disco sounds without ever putting them together in any cohesive way.

‘Not Another Word’ along with ‘Now Or Never’ add the positive column, helping to tip this album into the “better efforts” column. “There’s so much that you need to know, I only hope you’re ready”, Murray sings, and it’s enough to take you back to triumphs of the previous decade.

Don’t expect this band to give up any time soon. The record labels may have changed over the years, but their touring schedule shows they’re incorrigible as musicians. Their dedication to knocking out simple tunes with deep hooks is something you just can’t ignore.

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