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Uranium Club – Live for the Very First Time (in Italy)

by Jack Kiser Rating:7 Release Date:2018-04-13
Uranium Club – Live for the Very First Time (in Italy)
Uranium Club – Live for the Very First Time (in Italy)

Minneapolis’ newest punk outfit channels nostril flaring intensity with all the seriousness of a Spinal Tap show. Displaying evident hometown influences like the Replacements and Husker Du, Uranium Club can be found abrasively charming. On their newest record, this boisterous bunch performs songs from their two latest mini album releases, all being accomplished at a blistering pace and devout attitude.

The first time that I stumbled upon the Uranium Club was in October on my birthday. I was riding the bus down to Dodger Stadium getting ready for the first playoff game against the D-Backs, until suddenly I was blindsided by the sheer buffoonery in many of the song’s lyrics. As I was sitting without an inch of legroom on the #2 bus, the cantankerous shouting from the mai exclaiming “When you ask me to divorce you, I see your performance//Please, piss on my teddy bear) triggered a knee jerk reaction to get on top of the bus and dance wildly. I wanted a second listen, so as each song off of All of Them Naturals played, I was found utterly captivated by the velocity and intensity in which they played. Bands like the Booji Boys and Lumpy and the Dumpers are some of the more recent performers that uncannily execute the pace in which garage punk emulates. Fast, chaotic, and muffled. While the Uranium Club boys mimic a handful of these attributes willfully, their vocals alone are more amplified (although not quite understood). The tenacity from the club is never seen to be diluted; in fact the potency of song remains relevant throughout each short project.

The dangerous level of thrash toxicity continue on their live debut from Arci Taun, displaying their comedic temperament to the curious crowd in Italy. Giving credit where credit is due, it isn’t often you see a band like Uranium Club release live albums before they have a solid discography. Bands back in the heyday of punk like Government Issue and Battalion of Saints released salivating live performances of their best shows in cities like New York or Los Angeles. Here, Uranium Club chose an appropriately alluring Italian indie venue to showcase their feverish style. Tracks like “That Clowns Got a Gun” and “black Semen” are just prime demonstrations of what these misfits hope to achieve, turn heads and get the crowd fiery. For any lover of live entertainment and fantastic stage presence (using your imagination of course), this is highly recommended.

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