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Nest Egg - Nothingness Is Not a Curse

by Rob Taylor Rating:8 Release Date:2018-04-13
Nest Egg - Nothingness Is Not a Curse
Nest Egg - Nothingness Is Not a Curse

Nest Egg, Fuzz Club’s latest squeeze, regard their music as “mood music for nihilists”, an assessment dosed heavily with irony. In an era where music is innocuously programmed to enhance experience, most ironically in the pursuit of  ‘mindfulness’, it's the contradictory position adopted here by Nest Egg, that music can be equated with nothingness. Musical precepts devoid of meaning.

Nothingness Is Not a Curse is 38 minutes of bi-polar space trance strewn with gnarly post-punk.  'DMTIV' and 'Denied Doctrine' are the blood relatives of Follakzoid, or White Manna. Motorik psych-rock purring consistently from start to finish.  Like Sanae Yamada of Moon Duo, here the keyboards, especially on 'Denied Doctrine' are the permanent hymnal shifting through one dark chord after another, holding a hypnotic grip over the music. The rhythm section are in synchronised locomotion and carry the track forward very compellingly. Killer psych-rock but hardly distinguishable from a string of modern psych bands.

What's different here though is the malevolent intent delivered by some searing punk riffs, much as you'd find on an Unwound or Six by Seven album. Post-Hardcore and cosmic jamming ? You'll hear it on 'Print-Process-Intent', 'Long Night Outside' and 'Cognitive Dissonance'. It's a fascinating render of sound. Probably one of the most exciting psych releases I've heard in a while. To call it mood music for nihilists is a great by-line , but sells the music short by plenty. All the material on Nothingness Is Not a Curse is a veritable motorway of propulsive rhythm. Where it imitates the west coast brand of hippy psych-rock, or when it sharpens the tacks with some truly spiteful guitar play.

The Fuzz crowd have scored big. Nest Egg indeed.

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