Breakfast Muff - Crocodile

by Steve Ricciutti Rating:7 Release Date:2018-04-06
Breakfast Muff - Crocodile
Breakfast Muff - Crocodile

Fresh off a recent appearance at SXSW, kinetic post-punk three-piece Breakfast Muff from Scotland recently released their latest four-track EP Crocodile. Gushing over with jerky-riffs and a boy-girl vocal combo, they remind me of a lot of 80s bands. Theirs is a DIY approach, and the band trades up instruments, pushing their talents and songwriting craft. Recorded in one day, it’s a testament to their chops and their overall attitude.

Opener “You’re Not Written In My Stars” is a joyful ringing track, while the careening title track races to a surprising girl-group chorus before returning to the fury. It’s glorious. “Used,” thumps into your ears with a sparse bass accompaniment before the descending melody kicks in. Final track “Patient,” recorded live (or live in the studio), encapsulates a B-52s vibe will shameless abandon. Four tracks, eleven minutes of interesting punk-pop with a strong dose of edge, Crocodile may not be the most original thing I’ve heard of late, but it’s a good bit of party mix inclusion.

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