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Oberon Rose - Tell Me All About It

by Nathan Fidler Rating:4 Release Date:2018-04-06
Oberon Rose - Tell Me All About It
Oberon Rose - Tell Me All About It

Oberon Rose is the result of the musicianship of Tommy Oberon and the lyrics of Rebecca Rose. Tell Me All About It, is their second album, but this is one of those strange band dynamics where the lyricist doesn’t perform the music or even appear in the press shots.

As with their debut Wunjo, this album is heavily influenced by British invasion bands like The Kinks. It’s full of jangly guitars and relaxed psychedelic lyrics and melodies, but what it lacks is a distinctive character of its own.

‘Tell Me All About It’ actually begins like an early Foo Fighters song, but the lyrical shift and lilt early on immediately moves you away. A crashing cacophony of cymbals and horns are thrown in to disrupt the song, with acoustic guitar emerging and eventually all that early pace has been washed away.

The rest of the album suffers much the same fate, with Oberon’s voice not really landing on any of the tracks. Songs like ‘Lonely Ghost’ should be eerie or menacing, but comes off as naff 60s inspired rock. ‘Battle Hymn (Of The Magi)’ is the best effort on the album. The first  half of the song shifts from a single string melody to shunting riffs, while the second half turns into a mellow, building instrumental.

Even when they try to energise songs with increased tempo, the result is the same: lacklustre and dull. It’s not the type of music which should bore you, but somehow it does. You can’t fault them for effort, as it feels like a great deal of time has been spent picking out the appropriate sounds, it’s just a shame that the compositions are wayward and overlong.

You might be sold on the odd single by this band, but once you sit down with a full album, you want to pull your hair out. ‘Life In A Box’ appears to be a love song for traffic, and not in a fun way - it’s run time is only 3 minutes and 40 seconds but it feels like a lifetime.

What can you rescue from an album like this? While there is clearly effort being made, the results are simply a mangled drag.


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