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I Am a Man with a St Tropez Tan - I Am a Man with a St Tropez Tan

by Rich Morris Rating:7 Release Date:2010-06-01

Don't be fooled by the name. This is most definitely not music for those with a sunny disposition. Just a glance at the track names will tell you this isn't going to be your summer album: 'Get Off Me, I Will Kill You', 'Ignorance is No Defense', or my favourite, closing track 'The True Horrors of Hell'.

Mixing lo-fi techno with unsettling ambient sounds, this is a thoroughly dystopian listen. I Am a Man… mainman Rick Senley has fashioned a creditable updating of the industrial experiments of Throbbing Gristle, tempered with a very late-90s feel to tracks like 'Growl' and an Eno-esque ambient chill on others, such as the lovely, drifting 'I'm Haunted'. Overall, the tracks which veer away from the slightly dated club beats towards something more ethereal work best. 'How Many Days Have We Lost' is two-minutes-thirty of lush, shimmering guitar. 'F' is similarly gorgeous; it's waves of Michael Rother-like guitar constantly threatening to spin out of control. On the flipside of this is the aforementioned 'Get Off Me, I Will Kill You', which plays cat and mouse with the listener by starting off with some sweetly tinkling piano and synth strings before mutating into an urban hellscape full of distorted, echoing vocals muttering threats.

The music from this album features in Killer Bitch, the just released (on DVD) film starring Alex Reid. Senley soundtracking Alex Reid seems an odd combination. Senley deserves a lot more exposure. Reid deserves none.

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