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Melt Dunes - Flesh

by Ljubinko Zivkovic Rating:7 Release Date:2018-03-16
Melt Dunes - Flesh
Melt Dunes - Flesh

How do you hear as much of the history of psychedelic rock in less than 25 minutes? If you don’t know the answer, you can freely take as a reference Flesh, the debut EP by Portsmouth’s own Melt Dunes. While their two singles are probably all in the hands of those that certainly attended one of their concerts, if you are a psych head, this EP will certainly need to find a place in your collection.

You see, dunes or no dunes, these guys will certainly melt anything in front of them if you play this one. No light, airy folk-tinged psych here, just that late sixties/early seventies set of variants, with everything from first phase Pink Floyd (“Flesh”), Arthur Brown (“Epicracy”), spaghetti western psych (“Grotesque”), and even a few Can-like krautrock variants (“What’s Your Name”).

And they certainly have got it all down pat, no slip-ups, no empty notes. Like any musical collage that picks and chooses its musical elements, the crux lays in the fact whether something is played well or not. And Melt Dunes, certainly know their way around their instruments and by the feel of all the tracks on this EP, they are probably one of the better attractions when they play live.

Ok, so they are certainly not the most original band, even among the heavy psych revivalists. But then you can always ask the question - is that what you really wanted from this EP? Of course, there is that other question - if this is a collage of sounds previously heard, are they played well? And there, you should have no doubts, Melt Dunes know their psych stuff in and out and can come up with the goods even if you woke them up at three in the morning. But then, it is quite probable that at that time they even haven’t gone to bed yet.

In essence, if you want your heaviness without any heavy metal, this is the place to go.

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