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Holly Miranda - Mutual Horse

by Steve Ricciutti Rating:9 Release Date:2018-02-23
Holly Miranda - Mutual Horse
Holly Miranda - Mutual Horse

Opening track “Wherever You Are” on Holly Miranda’s latest full length effort Mutual Horse begins with the soft chiming of keys, like a child’s music box before Miranda’s mournful, pleading croon begins. It’s a soft and simple lead-in to the sexy pulsations of second cut “Golden Spiral,” both comprising an excellent set up for Miranda’s thoughtful, soulful, inventive and ultimately lovely album.

With a voice that reminds me at times of Angel Olsen or Karen O., and a nice mix of musical flavors; reflective slower numbers, seductive danceable push-and-pull (“Mr. Fongs”), percussion-driven ballads (“When Your Lonely Heart Breaks”), and pop enticement (“To Be Loved”), Mutual Horse is a tour-de-force of this very talented artist.

“Tower” gives off a haunting chill vibe, ditto for the reflective “Let Her Go,” part of the excellent pacing on the album, keeping things balanced. TV on the Radio’s Kyp Malone sings alongside Miranda on “Exquisite,” a beautiful song about forgiveness and self-examination. The coda, “Please forgive my foolish heart,” is perfect and the lovely video, also directed by Malone, fits the song’s title.

Holly Miranda is a multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter who has been in the music business for a while, starting with a record deal at 17, near the end of the previous millennium. Through a stint with critically acclaimed band The Jealous Girlfriends and a few solo offerings, the experiences have paid off handsomely with her latest. With fourteen songs taking up the better part of an hour, Mutual Horse is a strong effort for this gifted songstress that rewards repeated listens. Closer “Mt. Hood” has a line, “I’ll choose to remember you this way,” and it perfectly sums up how I feel about this album: Lovely.





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