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Pianos Become the Teeth - Wait For Love

by Kenzie Fitzpatrick Rating:9 Release Date:2018-02-16
Pianos Become the Teeth - Wait For Love
Pianos Become the Teeth - Wait For Love

It's been four years since we last heard from Baltimore, Maryland post-hardcore/screamo (although not so much these days) mainstays Pianos Become the Teeth. After a three-year break, 2014's Keep You saw the band do a complete 360 and leave the forceful, raw sound and the impassioned, scream-sung vocals they perfected over the course of their two albums prior (Old Pride and The Lack Long After, for the uninitiated) behind completely. Keep You was, by comparison, decidedly more mellow and polished, thanks to Will Yip's production. 

PBTT's fourth album, Wait For Love, which is out now on Epitaph Records, sees Yip lending his undeniable talents once more. And it's easy to speculate that his involvement is, in part, why Wait For Love picks right back up where Keep You left off. The production quality is crisp, clean, and refreshing, much like a cool glass of water on a warm day. 

And there's absolutely nothing present here that might detract from guitarists' Chad McDonald and Mike York's guitarwork which dazzles and shines like crystal throughout Wait For Love. From the outset on opener "Fake Lightning", drummer David Haik brings his propulsive, chugging style to the mix. From one song to the next, it's hypnotizing, mesmerizing, and calming. And sometimes, it's all three at once. 

The first three songs on Wait For Love, 'Fake Lightning', 'Charisma', and 'Bitter Red' (with the latter two having been released as singles) are catchy, up-tempo, and truly enthralling. Much like Keep You, Kyle Durfey sings for the duration of Wait For Love. It's hard to envision these songs with different vocals, as Durfey's calm, yet simultaneously expressive voice fits in with the band's sonic palette so well. 

On 'Dry Spells' and 'Bay of Dreams', things take a more moody and somber turn. PBTT's catchy and upbeat songs are wonderful, sure, but 'Dry Spells' (which is the longest song on Wait For Love) and 'Bay of Dreams' do a great job of presenting the listener with yet another side of the band...and it's one they should definitely showcase more often. As we move through the remainder of the album, the pace picks back up – from the twisting and turning 'Bloody Sweet', to the steady chug of 'Love on Repeat'. Album closer, 'Blue', is a shimmering, heart-wrenching 5-and-a-half minute affair that could be even longer and wouldn't feel tired.  

Newer fans of Pianos Become the Teeth who still find themselves drawn to Keep You four years out (like myself - though I also enjoy The Lack Long After) will find much about Wait For Love to, well...love. Fans of their earlier works, however, may find themselves feeling let down initially, as there's no screaming to be found here, and the album overall is much less intense. Is it any less impactful? Absolutely not. I thoroughly believe that albums that take several listens to really get into are the most rewarding – and Wait For Love only becomes more captivating with each subsequent listen. 

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