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From Mountains - In Memory Of

by James Weiskittel Rating:9 Release Date:2017-10-13
From Mountains - In Memory Of
From Mountains - In Memory Of

Less than a year removed from their self-titled debut, the post-rock four piece From Mountains has just released their sophomore album, In Memory Of.  The record is seven tracks of blissfully cinematic instrumental music that not only evokes the best moments from the U.K. band’s debut, but in many ways, surpasses it.

Juxtaposing a shimmering guitar motif with a sparse, understated piano line, the album-opening “There’s No Time For Mourning” builds to an impressive climax, highlighting the band’s rhythm section like never before.  Meanwhile, “Cure the Curiosity” shows off the band’s penchant for minimalistic sonic exploration, unravelling one theme after another (not unlike a classical composition), while the driving “Tower 9”, and the pensive “O.G.Zed” are mid-album highlights that underscore this band’s continued adherence to pushing the somewhat restrictive boundaries of their genre.

The album’s final two tracks (the meditative, snare-triplet-driven “Wake”, and the eleven-minute, cinematic excursion that is “For Peanut”) find the band mining their post-rock roots to great effect.  The almost stream-of-consciousness ease with which these two songs unfold not only represents the band at their peak, but also shows they can still ‘stretch-out’ just as effectively as many of their peers.

The final two ‘epics’ aside, In Memory Of is a surprisingly ‘quick’ listen, with the first five tracks all hovering around the much more listener-friendly five-minute mark.  In fact, the band’s decision to self-edit may be the most pleasantly surprising aspect of In Memory Of.  Overblown riffs and metal-tinged leanings are nowhere to be found here (and let’s be honest, it’s all been done to death); instead, From Mountains leans heavily on an incredibly effective ‘less is more’ approach.  And it’s the band’s judicious use of brevity and dynamics that gives In Memory Of that oh-so-hard-to-nail ‘repeated listening’ value.

Where From Mountains (the album) displayed a talented young band confidently painting in-between the lines of the post-rock genre, In Memory Of showcases the band’s trust in both themselves and their direction.  And while From Mountains have now earned the right to be considered one of the major players in the post-rock field, many of their contemporaries would be well-served to take notice of this young band from Buckinghamshire, as they are clearly the sound of the future.

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