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Joan As Police Woman - Damned Devotion

by Jack Kiser Rating:7 Release Date:2018-02-09
Joan As Police Woman - Damned Devotion
Joan As Police Woman - Damned Devotion

Joan Wasser, or better known as Joan as Police Woman, has released her fifth project, channeling her sensual, yet fierce demeanor over a velvety backdrop. Scattered among the record are flakes of jazz fusion, blistery electronica, and returning jabs of her influential songwriting. Wasser is a workhorse, and it clearly shows through her recent collaborations with artists like Rufus Wainwright, Lou Reed, Anohni, amongst many others. Joan isn’t the flashiest or most arresting musician in the business, however her tasteful mixture of affectionate harmony and poppy soul pep is hard to ignore on her latest effort.

Wasser is an undeniable force in all of songwriting; her persistence and wholehearted adoration for music is displayed over a far spectrum of relevant artists. As mentioned above, the lady loves to work. Along with the artists previously mentioned, she has also joined forces with RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan and Daniel Johnston (how cool is that?). With all this steadfast dedication added to her resume, it has surely matured and refined her songwriting, compacting elements from all of her colleagues into a well-balanced craft. Her continuous practice has allowed her to master the addition of intricate components in production, already giving her a sheer advantage on top of her songwriting structure.

The overall aura of this record is vulnerable and transparent, effectively illustrating her feelings of love and struggle for individuals to stay truthful with one another. Through each track there is a detectable 70’s ambience with a smoky flare. Joan’s soft, airy touch makes every composition feel private and revelatory, like seeing her in a private jazz lounge with low lighting. The high notes Wasser reaches so fluidly are well versed, and she consistently paints a mural as a product of alternative r&v and jazzy pop. Throughout the record I was under the impression that I was listening to a crossover of Sharon Van Etten and Solange. No doubt that this one of Joan as Police Woman’s most well-curated and well-respected projects to date. Her third full studio LP under [PIAS] (Play it again sam) has proven to be a very compatible relationship between the two in terms of creativity.

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