Très Oui - Poised To Flourish

by Jeff Penczak Rating:7 Release Date:2018-02-09
Très Oui - Poised To Flourish
Très Oui - Poised To Flourish

Leave it to Literature geeks to create a side project named after a faux French exclamation. Literally! Très Oui was spawned last year when Literature bandmates Nate Cardaci, Steven Garcia, and Seth Whaland recruited synth player Ian Jensen to record songs not deemed suitable for their regular day job. A well-received EP dropped almost exactly one year ago, and the band have cobbled together enough material to follow it up with their debut long player. There’s a frothy garage jangle to their sound that evokes dreams of Felt with herky-jerky Jonathan Richmond quirkiness. ‘Looking For’ sets the stage with a rudimentary drum beat propelling the power poppy tune through its paces.

There’s certainly a lot of energy on hand to set the toes a-tappin’ and hearts a-pumpin’, but the album verges on sugar overload throughout the more (overly) upbeat tracks. Thankfully, they settle down for the occasional breath-catcher like the yearning ballad ‘One Track’. Unfortunately, at five minutes, it’s a buzzkill that wears out its welcome halfway through. And while the poppier tunes leave a smile on your face while listening, they lack the memorable hooks to recall what you heard ten minutes later. Still, tracks like ‘Shy’ and ‘Song 4 U’ will appease the power pop fan in all of us.

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