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Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Rush to Relax

by Rich Morris Rating:5 Release Date:2010-02-16

Melbournepunkers ECSR have got their itchy, knock-kneed act down pad on this, their third album. Recorded in a matter of hours in the band's practice room, Rush to Relax is full of tips to The Fall, Wire, Electric Eels, The New York Dolls and The Velvet Underground. If you're looking for shouty, spindly, antisocial rock'n'roll bashed out by guys who sound like they haven't slept for days thanks to liberal quantities of marching power, then you'll be spoilt for chose with tracks like 'Anxiety', 'I've Got a Feeling' and 'Walked into a Corner'.

Subtler moments come with the morose 'Tuning Out', with sounds like a bitch of a comedown, and they melodic, almost sweet 'Gentleman'. 'Second Guessing', meanwhile, sounds like The Doors if they had recorded their songs in a matter of hours in a dingy practice room. That's a compliment, in case you're wondering. Mostly, however, Rush to Relax sees ECSR jerk it out in an uncomplicated way that never threatens to transcend the some of its parts.

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