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The Myrrors - Lunar Halo

by Rob Taylor Rating:8 Release Date:2018-01-26
The Myrrors - Lunar Halo
The Myrrors - Lunar Halo

Lunar Halo, recorded live by The Myrrors in Tucson, Arizona in 2014, was previously available as a limited edition cassette. The 29 minute improv was split onto two sides for format necessity. It’s now available on vinyl, and includes a download code enabling an uninterrupted play of the full piece.    

Lunar Halo is a circular raga with interspersions of acid guitar, occasionally carrying a deathly groan or an irresolute sighing. The rattlesnake percussion bodes ominous warning that the red ochres of the desert are in fact the coursing of native blood, spilled across the unforgiving landscapes of Arizona. The music brings relative silence interrupted by these metaphorical signposts, and there’s a general unease about the eastern trance adopted by the band. While Lunar Halo settles into a meditative groove at the 10 minute mark which seems calming enough, it personifies a stark loneliness, and sense of trepidation. The haunting Native American sounds around the 15 minute mark, are blunt reminder that trouble brews just beneath the surface of Lunar Halo. Strings are used as succour, but there is tumult about the surrounding and building fate. Lunar Halo is a bewildering and intoxicating concoction of clamor and ambience.            

Lunar Halo could also be seen as a transcription of experience. The band’s location is amongst the desert vistas of Arizona, with its changing skies, and deathly red colours. Ancient rocks and compacted dusts and clays conducting and radiating sweltering waves of heat.  The cold of night bringing wild dogs in search of human-generated warmth. Pure darkness revealing distant galaxies with perfect clarity.

The wonders of living in such a place, one feels is part of the inspiration of this piece.

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