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Savier - Serenade My Enemy

by Paul Downey Rating:8.5 Release Date:2010-05-10

The first EP on MoMT Records by Gregg Davies aka Savier is a fine example of an act with a singled-minded vision executeed to a tee.

Right from the off, we are welcomed into his somewhat dark world, full of heavy bass and brooding ambience.

First track 'Lapse' recalls Primal Scream circa Echo Dek with its use of dub, and its clunky robotic sound.

The best indication of Savier's potential, comes in the shape of closing track 'The Beginning V2' which seems at times as if it was recorded in a spaceship. We have it all, lasers, weird hypnotic backing sounds with the beat kept at an ambient level.

'Lost It' continues the trend with its heavy, clunty electronica whilst being sombre and paints a bleak picture at best.

Title track 'Serenade...' is the minor weak point of the EP, as again it does employ the signature sounds but doesn't advance it during its 6 minutes and 56 seconds; if anything it becomes repetitive half way through.

Looking at the overall picture, Savier is certainly coming from a bleak place but paints such a vivid picture of it, he makes you want to be a part of it.

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