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Leagues Apart - To Anywhere

by Katy Ledger Rating:4 Release Date:2010-03-21

Generic trendy punk.

Is what I would be saying about To Anywhere, the debut mini album from Salford based four-piece Leagues Apart if it weren't for their lead singer. Your opinion of this album will rest solely on whether you love or hate his voice. If you love it, it could well be your new favourite thing to skank to on a Friday night. Hate it, and you'll probably struggle to make it through the first track.

Personally I'm not a fan; in fact, I think it sounds like he's singing and being sick simultaneously, by track three I'm genuinely concerned for the welfare of this dude's vocal chords. But putting this aside, or as aside as I can possibly put it, which, as it turns out isn't very far, Leagues Apart are basically a trendy punk-rock outfit. Fairly generic drumming, a few catchy riffs and some fun lyrics to sing along to. I like the silly song names but other than that it isn't anything I haven't heard before, except that voice of course.

Least offensive song: 'More Potatoes, Uncle Tusky?' (Has an entertaining, out of tune, group sing-a-long chorus... if you like that sort of thing.)

Katy Ledger

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