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Various Artists - The Reverb Conspiracy Vol. 5

by Ljubinko Zivkovic Rating:8 Release Date:2018-01-19
Various Artists - The Reverb Conspiracy Vol. 5
Various Artists - The Reverb Conspiracy Vol. 5

Fuzz Club seems to be a label that focuses on anything remotely psychedelic (and beyond) but with a knack for acts that have been considered ‘underground’ (for whatever that term includes), no matter where they come from - taverns or caverns - and so far, they have been able to search out some amazing gems.

Usually, their starting point is their annual Reverb Conspiracy series that comes out early in the year, this being the fifth installment. So, I guess this is kind of the jarring companion to the Pop Ambient series of sorts. What has been the characteristic of the series is the high level of presented music - more great psych-out music than duds. Volume 5 is no exception, with some of the tracks being exclusive to this compilation.

This time around the accent is on the more punching sounds, Dead Vibrations and Melt Dunes setting the pace with their “Swirl” (more guitar) and “Flesh” (more Doors-y organ sounds), with Melt Dunes really crushing everything that comes in their way. JuJu’s “Bring ‘Em War” sounds like a pulsating commentary on the current times, going down the path of what you could call ‘standard’ psychedelia, but staying above average with some interesting backing vocals. Helicon might be The Fuzz Club’s flagship band at the moment, and their unusually yellowish “The Bold Yin” proves that they might be destined for some great moments.

10 000 Russos and their “ISM” veer into distinct Krautrock territory with some aplomb, and so do the Dreamweapon and their “Monte de Virgem” reminding us of the good moments bands like Neu! have brought us. Electronic beat psychedelia? Not sure whether such a category exists, but NONN and their “Time” would fit into it easily, and Italian hipsters Julie’s Haircut and their “Burning Tree” show why they have been building a name for themselves on the underground scene. Sekel and their “Bergamot” is loud, brash and better for it, while TRAAMS and their aptly named “House On Fire” follows the Velvets/Feelies post-punk trail. And if Psychedelic Trips To Death and their addition “Flesh” sound like a something of a stoner cannon, that is exactly where they come from, but with more inclinations towards ‘regular’ psych. The Gluts take on the early Floyd/Barrett sound, just a bit louder, while Avenue Z and their “Zeltron Libre” bring the good old Surf element to the fray. Black Heart Death Cult and their “Black Rainbow” stick to the post-rock side of psychedelia, and are not as loud as you might expect given their name.

The concluding two tracks are reserved for You Said Strange and Spirit Valley. The first present “Youri’s Night” (nice to hear some acoustic guitars, guys), one of the personal favourites here, while the latter gives us “TNLVSSN” that follows The Windy & Carl trail but veers onto a path of their own. Yet another very strong track.

On the evidence of Volume 5, The Fuzz Club seem to be on a right track with yet another strong selection. It would be extremely hard to point out something as a dud on this compilation, so it remains a matter of personal taste what somebody will like or not. Essentially, it is a selection that deserves to be thoroughly checked out.

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