Matt Battle - What's The Difference Between A Book and Your Self

by D R Pautsch Rating:5 Release Date:2017-11-10
Matt Battle - What's The Difference Between A Book and Your Self
Matt Battle - What's The Difference Between A Book and Your Self

Multi-instrumentalists are usually indulgent and self-absorbed individuals.  Locking yourself away and playing every note without a sounding board or counterpart obviously leads to that approach.  Matt Battle is a little that way inclined.  His third album What’s the difference between a book and yourself is 19 songs long and can sound like early Blur, vocally you can hear that it’s more Coxon than Albarn.  It’s a mix of slow acoustics and strum along numbers with a deep, almost baritone voice that is going to be as marmite as it gets.   Quite possibly it’s going to be his voice that is the deciding factor here.

At nineteen songs long Battle has obviously indulged in recording and it feels like this might be an indulgence at times.  Buddy Holly’s There is a simple plodding number that could have appeared as a downbeat relief on a Blur album.  It just doesn’t ever changeup it melody to deliver anything that lingers after the final note has been played.  The overly drawn out vocals that hold notes a little too long gets wearisome quite quickly.  Battle’s love of music is apparent here with song titles name checking Buddy Holly and Bob Dylan as well as one called Music Saves.  However, it doesn’t quote translate into songs that have a killer hook.  Everything is a little flat and uninspiring.  The double tracked vocals don’t quite work either as it becomes almost like a drone rather than beefing up that department.  We Are Fiction moves the tempo up a notch and uses enough momentum to push it ahead of most of its peers here.  It warrants a nodding head and the a scratch of the head when he starts holding onto those notes again.

This is an album which meanders through its overlong and often plodding duration to deliver a likeable but ultimately not very memorable set of songs.  With someone to bounce ideas off these might have been a more inspiring set of songs.

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