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by Jim Harris Rating:9 Release Date:2017-12-15

SEKEL has only been around a couple years and are from Sweden but if their self-titled album is any indication they will be around for a long time in the psych rock world.

While they cite as their influences everyone from Can to Wire to Gang of Four, and are billed as a punk/kraut band they fall right in with Goat and A Place to Bury Strangers with the ragged scraggly high-volume high-energy convergence of guitars and rapid execution and escalation of noise.

SEKEL does not sound like a two year old band as they have a tight, polished sound and while it has some Kraut rock roots, with the bass leads and dark strong vocals (‘Heliotrope’ stands out…) they create a sound like you might think the progeny of Ian Curtis and Peter Hook might have created. They often sound like Joy Division with grungier guitars. SEKEL is a great new band.

SEKEL kicks it all off with a perfectly frenetic instrumental called ‘Bergamot’ that has these garage rock progressions and magnificent layers of controlled noise that pretty much says to the listener to hold on and enjoy. But the album isn’t just one noise blast after another. The third track, ‘Heliotrope’ is a hypnotically compelling track that starts out with a heavy bass layer and blossoms into a great post-punk tune of the highest order.

The high point of SEKEL is probably ‘Next To Nothing,’ a post-punk classic of a song that shows off just how tight and brilliant this band is in creating atmospheric psych. ‘Ivery Fix’ with its processed dark echoey vocals and pounding rhythms, put them in the Hey Colossus category of exceptional song writing and structure.

SEKEL run the gamut of who you think of when they jam out but it is not only good, but absolutely stunning in execution. With the strong track ‘Spirit Gum’ you can tell this band can take their sound in any dark and droning direction at will.

There is not a single weak track on SEKEL and don’t be surprised if they aren’t headlining or near the top of every Psych Festival worldwide come next summer. SEKEL should be appearing on everyone’s top ten list this year.

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