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Adult - Detroit House Guests: The Remixes

by Joseph Majsterski Rating:7 Release Date:2017-12-01
Adult - Detroit House Guests: The Remixes
Adult - Detroit House Guests: The Remixes

Adult, electronic veterans Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller, have dropped a short little remix EP featuring mixes of songs from the recent album Detroit House Guests. It definitely has some classic Detroit feel, but also ventures in other directions.

There are two remixes of 'We Chase the Sound'. The Silent Servant/Juan Mendez Remix is carried along by a ceaseless, rippling synthline that just cycles over and over. It works though, as it's more of a springboard for everything else. The pounding beats and effects put this solidly in EBM territory. The Shannon F Remix sounds quite different; it's shorter and punchier, as it's lacking the endless synth, and includes sprinklings of electro rubbish scattered throughout, creating more variety and making it the better version. You can just barely hear that they are based on the same original track, mainly because both feature vocals from Shannon Funchess that are quite distinctive and somewhat reminiscent of Nitzer Ebb's chanting style.

'We Are a Mirror (Barry Adamson Remix)' comes straight out of a dingy underground club, with dank beats and a lot of trip hop styling. It's delightfully dirty and probably the best song in the set, and amusingly, actually has Douglas J McCarthy from Nitzer Ebb providing vocals. 'Breathe On (LIARS "Savannah" Remix)' is much less techno/darkwave and more spacey psych post rock, amazingly. It's really different from everything else and hardly sounds like the same band. Which isn't uncommon on remix sets, but still. It's honestly not as captivating as the other songs, relying too much on plodding repetition of the word 'savannah'.

And that's it. This little EP has a lot going on, considering its size, and it's solid for the most part. It doesn't always sound much like Adult, but with remixes, anything is possible.

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