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Fovea - Pencil Me In

by Jim Harris Rating:10 Release Date:2017-12-08
Fovea - Pencil Me In
Fovea - Pencil Me In

Fovea hail from the Big Apple New York City where there’s more art nouveau improvisational musical riff raff in the coffee shops and bars than you can fathom for one city.  So it’s no surprise that Fovea’s first full length, Pencil Me In, is filled with hipster quirkiness, varied musical deliveries, and lyrics that are sometimes hard to decipher.  

Fovea is a young band with four very talented musicians who play voxs, guitars, and keyboards, and weave all this music around a strong female vocalist with an incredibly interesting voice, and a not so strong male voice that occasionally needs a little processing, evidently to keep up with the strong female voice. It all works in a jazzy, electro pop way that infectiously keeps drawing you back to keep listening. These breezy, at once intricate and simple, low to mid-tempo song structures are impish and well-constructed tracks that stay just this side of pretentious without being cloying in the least.

‘Boss Boy’ appears to be a somewhat odd song to kick things off as it twists and distorts and takes quite a while to unfold, but then when you hear the faint echo of Halley Furlong-Mitchell’s voice and then the heavily processed male voice, it becomes quite a brilliantly executed kick off.  It all goes uphill from there. The second track, ‘Don’t Play’, encapsulates just how confident this band is in transitioning to jazzy electro pop as the lead singer sounds a little like Zooey Deschanel when she refrains, ‘I only do what I want…’  

It’s clear Fovea only does what they want.  And they do it damn well.  The transitional third song, ‘Cost Of’ floats along almost like Frank Sinatra working with Chromatic on a drive through shiny black night song before it speeds up a bit and bursts into strong beats and plenty of electronic jamming.

There is not a weak or unoriginal song on Pencil Me In and Fovea should be penciled in on your musical list this year.  Only good things should come from this band. Pencil Me in is one of the more joyously original albums in a magnificent year in music.  


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