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No Vacation - Intermission

by Steve Ricciutti Rating:9 Release Date:2017-12-15
No Vacation - Intermission
No Vacation - Intermission

Originating in a dorm room in San Francisco by founder/vocalist/writer Sabrina Mai two years ago, No Vacation are back from a hiatus rooted in break-ups and line-up changes with a new EP aptly titled Intermission. It’s a continuation of the dream-pop/surf sounds of their earlier efforts, with lovely, bittersweet songs about the ache of break-ups.

Two of the EP’s five songs have been released thus far, the hypnotic “Yam Yam” and closer “Mind Fields.” On the former, the dreamy-surf concoction works perfectly as trebly riffs are softened by swirling effects and subdued percussion, while on the latter she waxes introspectively about a relationship’s decay, “Maybe we should call it quits. We never even gave a shit.” There’s a smart, feedback and bass driven bridge that breaks up the song, like those inexplicable segues in our dreams; oddly yet perfectly sewing things together.

“You’re Not With Me” is enveloped in jazzy lushness as Mai’s breathy vocals drape it in ethereal splendor as she reflects upon how people move on while others linger, “I’m 365 days away, you’re not with me anymore.” The eponymous track is a short, aching piano instrumental bridging the four other songs in a perfectly literal implementation of the title.

Intermission delivers as promised; it’s a sunny, floating dream of evocative beauty that I’ve been listening to on an endless loop for the last few weeks.

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