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Little Girls - Concepts

by Paul Downey Rating:5.5 Release Date:2010-05-03

Weird fact: None of the members of Little Girls are actually female. Strange? Maybe so, but definitely keeping in tone with their debut effort, Concepts.

With only two tracks over three minutes long from the Canadian four-piece, they keep it short and not-so-sweet on most tracks although the most common occurrence here is missed opportunities.

On too many tracks there is a chance to breakout from the dreary lo-fi sound, but these chances are passed on in favour of tracks that owe a lot to Joy Division.

Opener 'Young Tunes' sets the stall for the rest of the record, with its distant and distorted vocals from lead man Josh McIntyre sweeping in and out of the track without ever stamping their authority on it.

Their haunted sounded also recalls Jesus and Mary Chain/Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (depending on your era) on title track 'Concepts'.

'Salt Swimmers' attempts to pick things up, with a more structured sound, but as the track goes on the potential is drained out of it with a petering finale.

'Venom' is another missed chance, as, at just two minutes long, the song begins to pick up just as it is finishing which is disappointing.

'Tambourine' provides the highlight of the album, as there seems to be more purpose to the song, maybe like Little Girls are trying to make an accessible song.

Closer 'Growing' doesn't take any chances and reverts to type easily, leaving us thinking what might have been here.

Overall there are some good rhythms and jams in this album, but the lack of distinctive vocals of any kind ensure it suffers by being too repetitive within its own genre.

Paul Downey

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