The Fall - Singles 1978-2016

by Kevin Orton Rating:10 Release Date:2017-11-20
The Fall - Singles 1978-2016
The Fall - Singles 1978-2016

I once heard a die-hard Fall fan declare in no uncertain terms how much he hated Rap. Oh, the irony. When you fall for the Fall, you fall hard. Regardless of whether you’re delusional or not, the Fall are one of the most influential bands to ever come out of the UK Post Punk scene. As if the Fall were ever part of a scene. Like Mark E. Smith, the man behind it all, they remain one of a kind. They’ve been around since the late 70’s and the sheer volume of their output is daunting to say the least. Like Guided By Voices, they’ve been so relentlessly prolific it’s hard to know where to start. Well, this singles collection might just be the place to take the plunge. Dive in headfirst and start swimming upstream.  

The problem with compilations of this nature, is that while a lot of the fat is trimmed off, it often comes at the expense of a few deep choice cuts. While the aim here is to collect the Fall’s copious singles catalog, there’s nothing like the full story. After digesting this smorgasbord of delights, proceed immediately to Our Nation’s Saving Grace.

As for the contents, 7 discs is a lot of ground to cover and to be frank, there isn’t one dud. Highlights abound. Personal favorites include, ‘Cruiser’s Creek’, ‘Telephone Thing’ and ‘Ghost In My House’. ‘Victoria’ will never top the Kinks’ original but Mark E. Smith’s plethora of originals more than make up for any slight appetizers. So, my advice is simple. If you don’t know the Fall, stuff yourself silly. All the various line ups are on display and there is nary a dull moment. Once you’re convinced of Mark E Smith’s idiosyncratic genius, begin assembling your own library of works by the Fall. You’ll be guaranteed to win friends and influence people.

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