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Scent - Kim

by D R Pautsch Rating:7 Release Date:2017-11-17
Scent - Kim
Scent - Kim

A debut EP is something to set the stall by; a clarion call to those who would listen, to explain why they should listen more. It should be as original as it can be, but appeal to anyone who is listening. The debut album from Scent seems to almost fail on all counts on the first minute of the first track, Kim. It sounds exactly like a band too much in love with Tame Impala and all that come with them. Then it switches gear to become a bit more original, a bit more muscled, and far more poppy, and it’s at that point it starts hooking you in. Frail vocals, psych leanings and enough jangle means that throughout its various guises, it changes its approach several times.

The title track of this EP gradually seeps into your consciousness and past the cynicism of that first minute. "Life Coach" uses an acoustic guitar strum to become funky and textured. That the final track, "Amygdala," is the one that might be trying a little hard to be sincere is a failing, you can almost live with that after two memorable starters. It’s a little hard to tell who Scent are trying to be on this debut offering. Sure, it’s got hallmarks of Animal Collective, Tame Impala, and many of those bands beloved by the music press in recent years. However, it also seems to have its own sheen and swagger that sound more pop than psych. Even in its worst moments with "Amygdala," it delivers a hook that is memorable. So, much as you might not want to like Scent you may end up loving them.

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