Erland & the Carnival - You Don't Have to Be Lonely

by Rich Morris Rating:5 Release Date:2010-05-03

Fresh from supporting the excellent Wild Beasts, ex-Verve Simon Tong's hottly tipped project Erland & the Carnival release a new single from their eponymous debut album.

'You Don't Have to Be Lonely' is a driving folk anthem, with mystical mid-west USA circa 1850 elements. Whereas the likeminded but dreadful Mumford & Sons pay homage to truly awful 90s music botherers The Levellers, Erland & The Carnival look more directly to Fairport Convention and Gogol Bordello, intertwined with a large slice of Sergo Leone.

This all sounds good but on record, though Erland Cooper's vocals sound rather bored and tired and the song is flat and thinly produced. 'You Don't Have to Be Lonely' is a live highlight, evoking The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and the sweeping plains of America. On the single though, it resembles more a circus tavern or music hall-light sound.

Such a shame.

Steve Rhodes

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