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Average Sex - Ice Cream

by Steve Ricciutti Rating:8 Release Date:2017-12-01
Average Sex - Ice Cream
Average Sex - Ice Cream

Average Sex’s EP Ice Cream is a fuzzy, funny, four-pack of sharp, sexy, snarky indie-pop. Bopping out of the gate with “Ugly Strangers,” singer Laetitia Bocquet’s jaded delivery is the perfect fit for the band’s grunge growl, a kind of Elastica-meets-Blondie vibe, if you will. “We’re Done” blends girl-group aesthetic with rebellious charm. “You act like I’m the crazy one since I slashed your tires, and you won’t return my text cuz it seems I set your mom on fire” may be the coolest lyric I’ve heard in forever, and follow-up “Hey Boy” continues the deadpan delivery of sexual innuendo and irresistible garage pop sensibilities.

As to the title of the EP, Bocquet has said, “Boys are like ice cream, they are cold, perfect for summer days, and come in a lot of different flavors.” At the risk of endorsing double standards, had some guy said this, I’d have rolled my eyes at the clichéd reductive gender stupidity. Yet, out of Bocquet’s mouth, it sounds cheeky and even challenging. Perhaps spending my formative years listening to the overt lyrics of classic cock-rock heroes has made me weary of the boring male perspective. The Charlatan's Tim Burgess called them his "new favorite band" after only two minutes of listening, so there's that, too. Whatever the reason, Average Sex is a delightfully clever band, taking the formulaic girl-group heartbreak shtick and putting it on its ear with their endearing defiance and infectious music.

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5 out of 5 stars
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