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Shit & Shine - That's Enough EP

by Sean Hewson Rating:7 Release Date:2017-11-17
Shit & Shine - That's Enough EP
Shit & Shine - That's Enough EP

The fact that Shit & Shine have put records out on Rocket, Riot Season and Editions Mego should be enough recommendation for anyone. The That’s Enough EP (actually the length of an album) comes to us courtesy of the ever-dependable Rocket Recordings and is limited to just 300 copies on vinyl.

The title track starts with a one minute clip from the Fast Show before a rolling rhythm comes to us out of a heavily distorted drum machine. Various other noise-making devices are also utilised but the continuous rhythm holds centre-stage. Sometimes the distortion swamps the drum pattern so it’s quite like one of William Basinski’s disintegrating tape loops. It’s also not far from the more punishing end of Industrial-Techno, like Regis. And this is how it continues for 20 minutes. Fans of Shit & Shine will already be used to these tests of endurance. The Worst is based around a clip from American Idol, backed by squelching noises and drum machine. The Butthole Surfers are the most obvious influence this time, along with Throbbing Gristle and Experimental Hip-Hop. The final track - I Like You, Betty - is harder but still has a pleasant skip to the rhythm, like a cross between Holy Fuck and Dalek. Explosions and splashes of Free Jazz rain down on us throughout.

The first and last tracks on That’s Enough are the most successful with the rhythms, distortion, sound effects and repetition combining to great effect. The Worst is enjoyable for putting Simon Cowell on a Shit & Shine track. But, all in all, a solid piece of work.

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More great musical perversion. Can’t top 54 Synth Brass 38 Metal Guitar 65 Cathedral though.

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