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The Limiñanas - Istanbul is Sleepy EP

by Rob Taylor Rating:7 Release Date:2017-11-17
The Limiñanas - Istanbul is Sleepy EP
The Limiñanas - Istanbul is Sleepy EP

Borrowing the narrative cool vocal style of Serge Gainsbourg, but unfettered by his Electra complexes and overly flagrant sexual innuendo, The Liminanas are essentially an upgrade on the 1960s beat sound, but with a garage rock aesthetic, psychedelic leanings, and a cinematic western aura adding to a pretty engaging pop sound. They’ve been around a while, and while their evolution has never been complete, the last album Malamore emphasised a more sombre but groovy sound in keeping with the real roots of 60s alt-pop, the funky hard bop of 1950s jazzmen. Not that they were ever of the bubblegum variety, but their earlier stuff was sweeter and less dense.

Anton Newcombe collaborates on the Istanbul is Sleepy EP, his patented brand of druggy psych-pop instantly recognisable. The Liminanas cede to the interloper on the title track. It’s like listening to another Brian Jonestown Massacre track, settling into a somnambulant groove with tambourines that may well be Joel Gion’s although the beats conjoin so it sounds kind of festive. Pop through a kaleidoscope nonetheless.

‘Nuit Fantome’ emphasises the best qualities of BJM and The Liminanas which is what any collaboration should be about; in this case a pastiche of French narrative cool and late 60s rock. Of the remaining two tracks, the better of the two is ‘Shadow People’ with its xylophone intro and shuffling beat. It would have been a little pedestrian were it not for the incipient wah wah rhythms and murmurings of freak-out guitar, lifting the track above it’s true stature.

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