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Les Lullies - Don't Look Twice

by Steve Ricciutti Rating:7 Release Date:2017-11-03
Les Lullies - Don't Look Twice
Les Lullies - Don't Look Twice

Les Lullies, a quartet from France dubbed by their label as “cheese eating attack monkeys” playing “eyeball rattling, club banger punk” are set to release a brand new EP Don’t Look Twice. It does indeed rage with exuberant, feisty, and concise punk across the four-tracks, burning through in well under ten minutes. The songs are riff-heavy, adrenalin-rich rockers with enough Ramones-ish vibe to make me smile, especially when they sub in “un-deux-trois-quatre!” for Joey’s “one-two-three-fah!”

Songs “Don Craine” (the “living legend” founder of the UK r’n’b outfit The Downliners Sect, among other noteworthy accomplishments), “Bored, Sick, Done,” and “UFO” are cheeky bits of kick-ass punk, and the title track is the highlight. While it’s not likely to bowl anyone over with creativity, it is nice to hear some unabashed derivative punk, powerful enough to sub in for your morning cup of coffee.



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