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Odonis Odonis - No Pop

by Joseph Majsterski Rating:8 Release Date:2017-10-20
Odonis Odonis - No Pop
Odonis Odonis - No Pop

Odonis Odonis are already back with another new album after last year's Post Plague. Their newest set, No Pop, continues to explore the darker regions of electronic music, moving slightly from darkwave into perhaps gothic dance, if such a distinction can be made. The trio, Constantin Tzenos, Jarod Gibson, and Denholm Whale, cranked the album out in a matter of days, which speaks volumes to their pure talent. This set sounds like a carefully crafted masterpiece rather than a slapdash jam session.

Over the years since the early 90s "industrial revolution", there have been dozens of throwaway Nine Inch Nails clones and others who jumped on the bandwagon without really having anything worthwhile to offer. Think Gravity Kills for one of the most successful examples. Odonis Odonis is nothing like that. One of their best qualities is that nothing in their style feels like posturing. They are obviously well-versed true believers in the genres they practice, not talentless hacks just hooking up a drum machine and a synth and hoping for the best. These guys know what they're doing and have a vision.
'Check My Profile' makes it clear that you definitely do not want to check that profile, leading with a creepy ridge of deep synths and Tzenos repeatedly husking, "We have to talk." It comes off as both extremely disturbing and yet a bit tongue-in-cheek. 'Nasty Boy' goes a bit grittier, with a twisting, grinding synth, punchy beats, and waves of static. Partway through the song a well done klaxon alarm sounds, giving the song just the right amount of fear without pushing over into annoyance.

Something that really adds amazing depth to the music is the fact that Odonis Odonis isn't enthralled to some silly idea of always being harsh or angry in their sounds. They spread out into meditative spaces, sounding almost like IDM at times, such as in 'One', which is composed of a big pulsing synth in its opening but which adds a spacey, unfolding-flower-petal melody partway through, before turning on the grind towards the end.

'Eraser' beats you up with pounding synths and percussion at first, then switches into a series of rolling synths mixed with Tzenos' epic screams. Instrumental tracks 'Tracer' and 'Vision' lead with more fast-paced synths and beats, but slowly build their own unique walls of noise as they progress, creating hypnotic headspaces. 'Fluke' is more goth-flavored, with vocals more reminiscent of Tim Sköld's semi-crooning style. Closer 'By the Second' has a delightful haunted house organ and emerges as a very ghostly tune, but backed by a core of deep bass and beats.

The heart of things is this: Odonis Odonis have absolutely knocked it out of the park with their latest set. They're playing around with a lot of sounds, and they're just oozing with ability and musicianship, such that they can't seem to do anything wrong no matter what they try. This is somewhat in the neighborhood of the Nine Inch Nails classic The Downward Spiral, but it has its own personality and doesn't feel derivative. Odonis Odonis is just plain fresh, and I hope they keep it up.

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