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Booka Shade - More!

by Rich Morris Rating:8.5 Release Date:2010-05-03

Walter Merziger and Arno Kammermeier are Booka Shade, the founding fathers responsible for the legendary 'Get Physical' music label. Even if you're not a dance music fan, it's highly likely you'll recognise their distinctive sound. Their beautifully arranged soundscapes tell stories, from sunrises to night falls, empty spaces to the passing of time. Their simple, yet heart-wrenching melodies are seamlessly threaded through deep beats and progressive loops of sound. Today, rightfully, they are a globally known outfit.

More! is their fourth album, highly anticipated by fans and industry types a-like. The album is called More! for good reason. More sophisticated production, and even more layers of noise which build on atmosphere and class. This is certainly a dynamic fourth record, their first proper album since 2008's The Sun & the Neon Light; it definitely picks up where they left off. The German duo, veterans of the Frankfurt electronic music scene, continue pushing the boundaries of genres within their sound.

Arno and Walter have plunged deeper than usual into production and it has resulted in, arguably, their best work to date. More! kicks off with a storming track: 'Havana Sex Dwarf'. Bursting with energy it sets a good precedent for the rest of the record, the catchiest of hooks drops about a minute in and it leaves the listener swooning with anticipation of the lushness to follow. 'Regenerate' stands out as such a strong track. It starts with a stripped ragga/dubstep feel, with intricate vocals souring above. It draws out a moody atmosphere for ages before a massive breakdown and an explosion of sound. 'Teenage Spaceman' is my favorite track on the album. A soulful and emotional track that builds into an inspiring cinematic fade-out.

I could go on and on describing every twist and turn on this record but we would be here all night. If you get chance to catch Booka Shade this summer, there is no doubt that this album is going to translate into an epic live show.

Emma Stafford

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