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Kate Nash - My Best Friend Is You

by Hayley Thorpe Rating:6.5 Release Date:2010-04-19

After a year away from the music industry, 2010 sees the return of Kate Nash. The Harlow lass has spent her year away working with victims of domestic violence. Kate's music has often been likened to Marmite - some love it while others hate it.

Miss Nash started out her career back in 2006 when she uploaded tracks to her MySpace page from her bedroom, before signing her record deal. Her debut album Made Of Bricks was hugely successful, and was released two months earlier than planned, due to public demand. Now she is back with her follow-up album My Best Friend Is You.

The album starts strongly with two really catchy and upbeat tracks (much like 'Foundations' and 'Mouthwash' from her debut album Made Of Bricks) in 'Paris' and 'Kiss That Grrrl'. As ever, Kate heavily rants about relationships and the things she loves and hates.

Kate says: "As a writer I need to be surrounded by arts and culture and books and music and film, go to the cinema or hang out with friends to have something to write about." Kate's recent volunteer work with victims of domestic violence explains why some of her newer tracks are a little bit dark.

Kate's comeback single 'Do Wah Doo' is easily my favourite song on the album. It's definitely a catchy summer tune. "Everybody thinks that girl's so fine, everybody's like I'll make her mine. Everybody thinks that girl's a lady but I don't, I think that girl's shady." The track closes with "I think she's a bitch!". It's very much like the tone of 'Foundations'.

The worrying thing about My Best Friend Is You is Kate seems to have cut herself short as she is far better than this. There are some stand-out tracks in 'Do Wah Doo' - easily a summer favourite - 'Paris', 'Kiss That Grrrl' and 'I Hate Seagulls'. Even the more rockier effort 'I Just Love You More' gets the thumbs- up from me. The guitar sound is out of this world and this is definitely a track we can all do with after a hard day at work or college. But I am ashamed to say there are some bland and rather confusing tracks that I will sadly skip.

I wouldn't say I'm disappointed but I must admit I did expect to love it just as much as I love Made Of Bricks. Sadly it doesn't compare.

Hayley Thorpe

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