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Mt. Mountain - OMED

by Rob Taylor Rating:8 Release Date:2017-10-06
Mt. Mountain - OMED
Mt. Mountain - OMED

Early in their short career [2013], Mt. Mountain recorded the OMED demo, which is now re-released and available through Cardinal Fuzz, either in the transparent yellow or black vinyl versions.

OMED could have found its home in the early 1970's era. The less hectic analogue world meant that rock albums could be consumed slowly, discussed at length and shared more eagerly amongst like-minded friends. Friends who couldn’t otherwise access the vibes through electronic channels. Rock music that felt like a literary excursion into the cosmos, breathing slowly and decisively as did the jazz of Miles Davis at around the same time. As Pink Floyd were doing at the time of Dark Side of the Moon. Music such as this could either turn out ponderously, or as here, wondrously. ‘Divide’ for instance, track two of four on this mini-album, is paced as a psychedelic dirge but retains beautiful melodies which serve as the underbelly of Mt. Mountain’s compositions.

Whilst Mt. Mountain were to leave behind their cosmic explorations for an altogether dirtier, blues-rock based sound with their self-titled EP, OMED was really far from an early glitch. The band had said in this little marvel of an album all that needed to be said of this sub-genre.

Pity those who don’t get the chance to share in this band’s search for a musical oasis. Follow the trail and enjoy.

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