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The Luxembourg Signal - Blue Field

by Jeff Penczak Rating:9 Release Date:2017-10-13
The Luxembourg Signal - Blue Field
The Luxembourg Signal - Blue Field

The sophomore effort from The Luxembourg Signal sees them officially expanding to a 7-piece with the resulting expansive sound that implies. Forged from the ashes of Aberdeen and Trembling Blue Stars, TLS members’ histories go back nearly 25 years to the beloved Sarah imprint, whose Family Tree would probably give Pete Frame a migraine! The dual vocalist (Beth Arzy and Betsy Moyer) arrangement delivers waterfalls of harmonies around which the dual-guitars, keys, and rhythm section generate a wall of sound that wraps the listener in a marshmallow overcoat. Opener ‘There’s Nothing More Beautiful Than A Well-Made Machine’ is a mouthful that is perfectly nestled into a stomping ‘80s dance vibe – think of Ultravox’s ‘All Stood Still’. ‘Antarctica’ glistens with guitars, piano, and rolling drum lines, Arzy and Moyer coming on like a 21st century Bananarama – not a bad thing at all.

The title track is an absolute killer and rightly released as a single, combining a Lush-ious pop backbeat with an earworm melody that hooks you in from first note to last. The textbook definition of “dancefloor filler” – if the kids still go to clubs to dance anymore. Brilliant!

Elsewhere, ‘Are You Numb?’ has an eerie Gothic vibe, ‘Fall Feeling’ is a romantic cuddle-up (with guest vocals from the good ol’ Trembling Blue Stars days courtesy pseudo-mentor Bobby Wratten), and the timely ‘Laura Palmer’ is here for everyone who missed out on the early single, particularly all you Twin Peaks fans. ‘What You’re Asking For’ ends on a dreamy note, like floating through meringue, accompanied by angels on synthy wings. No sophomore jinx, here, Blue Field is a winner from start to finish.

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