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Torres - Three Futures

by D R Pautsch Rating:8 Release Date:2017-09-29
Torres - Three Futures
Torres - Three Futures

Torres' third album, following the excellent Sprinter, is a warmer affair.  It still has the bleak electronics but the occasional mistral of warm air that floats through proceedings brings a much welcome respite.  Starting slowly but working through the gears this is an album which hits home with sharp lyrics and husky vocals.

The title track is the sound of a woman discovering herself, imagining their future, one with her partner, one without and one with love.  This slow burning number grabs immediately and pulls you through to its crescendo.  Concrete Ganesha has an almost modem like approach to it where it ends with a harsh electronic buzz that hides a melody within it but one you can’t quite discern.  Righteous Woman is a breathily fresh song that portrays a woman who knows her weaknesses but can’t resist.  This is a very self aware album and one where the music is driven home as much by the lyrics and the sound.  It's not always a comfortable listen, but it sure as hell works to get your attention and keep it firmly focused throughout.

What is interesting is that this was recorded in dark Stockport and mixed in the warmer Devon. That mix of different locales shoots the starkness through with hope and brings a rounded quality to the whole album that might have been far harsher if things were different.

Female singer songwriters too often have been simpering, willing and almost victims to the industry they are so keen to be a part of.  Torres is none of those things.  She is a self assured and confrontational woman who imbues every song here and on previous efforts with a life of its own.  It’s a step forward from the excellent Sprinter and really marks Torres out as an artist who deserves attention.

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Torres - Three Futures - Albums - Reviews - Soundblab
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