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Jane Weaver - The Architect EP

by Mark Moody Rating:6 Release Date:2017-10-27
Jane Weaver - The Architect EP
Jane Weaver - The Architect EP

Jane Weaver’s Modern Kosmology, released back in May, should rightfully end up on year-end best of lists if it’s not too far under the radar.  Soundblab’s own Rob Taylor rated the album a 10, citing Weaver’s vocals and ability to craft great pop songs from throwback synths.  The album is bursting with ideas, though maybe retro ones, that are spliced together so well as to make something thoroughly up to date and imminently listenable.  I had reviewed independently as well and singled out the particularly strong central core of songs, including the harder edged ‘The Architect’ amongst those tracks.  That song is the impetus for The Architect EP, which includes the album edition of the track, a re-mix of same, and two unreleased tracks.

‘The Architect’ shines bright with some of Weaver’s more wispy vocals over one of the most economical, yet powerful, tracks on the album.  The song is one of the shortest and tightest on Modern Kosmology and benefits from the precision of the drumming along with competing layers of synths.  Weaver herself served as architect over the entire album and this track stands out as an energetic and potent highlight.  The remix version here by Andy Votel (longtime producer  and also Weaver’s husband), stretches the song out to more than double its length.  The most interesting part of the remix runs about a minute long starting at the minute and a half mark.  Some of the layers of the song are stripped away so that the tension in the competing synth lines are laid bare.  It’s interesting listening as the ascending and descending synth lines intersect and highlight the underlying tension in the track.  It’s like being shown the inner workings of a complex machine and the tension is further highlighted on the voiceover near the end of the track where an “Age of Chaos” and an “Era of Harmony” are described.  Outside of that, I’m not sure the track was the best one to be given the remix treatment.  The lean spare power of the album track picks up some flabbiness over its course dispensing with the economy of the original, which was its strength .  A song like ‘Loops in the Secret Society’ would have seemed a better playground to stretch out into a ten minute workout.  

The new songs are instrumental tracks, with the exception of Weaver’s beautiful ooh’s and aah’s floating over ‘Code’’s acoustic guitar strum.  ‘Code’ is really just the set up for the longer ‘Element’ as the former melds into the latter.  ‘Element’ stretches out in excess of seven minutes and consists mainly of motorik drumming with swooshing synths and snippets of Weaver’s voice in places.  Certainly listenable, but given her role of architect on Modern Kosmology creating beautiful machines, the EP is not nearly as interesting.

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That’s a pretty fair write-up Mark. The album is wonderful and ‘Architect’ is a great song in the Dusseldorf electro scene mould, but the remix, though interesting, is kind of superfluous.

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